Dharmik (Religious)

Under the holy patronage and kind direction of P.P. Adhyatmayogi Muni Shri Mahendra Sagar Ji M.S. and Yuva Manishi Swadhyay Premi P.P. Shri Manish Sagarji M.S., the school children together with some of the staff members are performing morning Pooja, Chaityavandan and weekly Pratikraman. A separate hour for moral and human values of life and another separate slot for Jainology classes are being conducted by P.P. Maharaj Sahab and other Sadhak.

Both day-boarders and hostellers participate in morning dharmik activities and Jainology classes. The moral values classes and the weekly Pratikraman are attended by the hostellers only.

In a short span of time, the VJV children have learnt a lot about Jain Dharm, Darshan and right conduct. They recite Sutra and Stotra without any assistance. The moral values are gradually arousing in their soft hearts.