From Reverenced Patron of Vichakshan Jain Vidyapeeth

Guru Bhagwant Shri Mahendrasagarji Maharaj Saheb

Every child has many talents by birth. To develop these talents he/she should get a proper education and environment. The meaning of education in its true spirit is to live with joy and to spread this joy. It is not possible without inculcating manners and netiquettes.

The main motive of  Vichakshan Jain Vidyapeeth is to engrave positivity, simplicity, patience, empathy and coordination among children and to make them internally and externally strong.

Guru Bhagwant Shri Manishsagarji Maharaj Saheb

Being connected with our roots, culture and human values are the necessary results of educating a child. Culture is one and only one, through which one can have happiness and prosperity. If we show carelessness to protect culture, we will have to repent later on.

This is a matter of pride that  Vichakshan Jain Vidyapeeth took this responsibility, and we are quite confident to take this responsibility.

Guruvarya Sadhvi Shri Maniprabha Shriji Maharaj Saheb

In the Present scenario, children are getting modern education but they are losing divine values and culture, due to which living standard is being affected. We have to make children cultured and talented.