Seminars & Workshops

VJV believes in conducting time-to-time seminars and workshops both for students and their staff. Motivational speeches by the most popular speakers inspire the teachers to extract their best output to the children.

This session, the international motivational speaker Mr. Sachin Barghate, the founder of Aspire (The Institute of Human Development), who has hosted the show “The Real Hero” on Zee TV and has been honoured by Youth Icon, Mr. Dilip Chopra of Gondia (Maharashtra) who delivers speeches on “Management of Schooling” and who himself is conducting a school of about 4000 input strength and Mr. Govind Mudliyar, the eminent educationist of Chhattisgarh, have already been called by VJV. A parenting workshop has been presided by the chairman of Samanvay group, Mr. Parikshit Jobanpotta. The teachers have gathered many useful tips from above speakers.

Environmental Awareness

To become environmental friendly, VJV undertakes projects such as to make the children aware of saving water, earth protection, and nature protection and greenery richment. The entire campus of VJV is lush green. Tall bamboo trees have been planted around the periphery of the entire campus. Almond trees around the playground are standing straight, giving their shadow and sweet message to us, the human race.

Water recharging process keeps the underground water level of the campus intact. Children of all classes are encouraged to plant seeds and take care of the plants growth by their own. Various coloured flowers of the small plants blossoming in every season of the year adorn the beauty of the VJV campus.

We strive to create a pollution free atmosphere (and of course the environment) at VJV. Let us put hands-in-hands to maintain this type of environment awareness at our campus.

School Assembly & School Band

VJV School assembly is the only of its type among all Educational Institutes. It is unique in the sense that apart from the national character, we build the ethical character in the soft minds of the children. Many visitors visit VJV Kumhari only to witness the Assembly which runs from 8:40 a.m. to 9 a.m.. This 20 minutes short interval imparts the whole theme of the education. The impact of the energy gained during this period keeps the children charged for the whole day.

Birthday celebrations in Classical Indian style, calling and dispersing children through musical band, recital and chanting of religious stotra, news reading and question-answer session, are the few highlights of the fantastic assembly.

The other attraction of VJV is its School band and its occasional march past in which both boys and girls participate willingly with interest.

Star Classes

“Every child is genius.” says Albert Einstein. We believe the same. A child who is weak in written or reading skill, may not necessarily be a weak child. He or she has some Instinct talent. Every child has some natural calibre. We, elders, are supposed to brighten the talent and natural calibre of the child.

As such we choose some children who have not proven their skills and ability in the traditional examination pattern of question answer and grades, but have talent in some other fields such as sports, literary activities, co-curricular activities, communication or dance, music, fine arts etc. and make them perfect in their field of interest.

Such children maybe weak in eyes of their parents, relatives and friends. But we believe that no student is ever weak. We conduct separate sections for such children. Immaterial of grade and class, we put them in the same section & strive our best to enrich their talent. Such classes are the star classes of VJV. The evening remedial classes for hostellers, the Sunday spoken English classes and everyday one class of handwriting improvement and communication skill development classes for all students, is another aspect of VJV.


VJV strives for Local, Domestic & International Excursions. Usually, the local outings are made with hostel students while domestic & international educational tours are organised with Dayboarders and Hostellers, mostly during summer vacations.

This year hostel children, both boys & girls, visited Maitri Garden, Nandanvan Zoo & Ambuja Mall. No additional charges are taken for such outings. However, the domestic & international tours are to be contributed by the parents. During summer vacation of the session 2018-19, a domestic tour to Delhi/Mumbai is scheduled in the month of April-May. Such educational tours not only keeps the children acquainted with the nature but also feeds them with some learnings.

On Childrens’ Day, 14th November 2018, 8 students of VJV together with two teachers & Principal have already visited Honorable President of India at President House, New Delhi

Scout & Guide Programme

VJV, in collaboration with M/s Universal Scout & Guide Agency, New Delhi, conducted a two-days Scout & Guide Camp for all students of VJV Kumhari Campus. 258 children participated and enjoyed the event. Rope-climbing, Pyramid formation, Tent-erecting, Different types of Clapping, Drill, P.T. & March Past were few of the events that took place during the camp. A campfire was organised at the end of the session which was presided by Director & Principal Sir.

Such events enrich the natural talent of the children and help them to be physically strong.

Medical Check-up Programme

VJV organises every year medical check-up programme compulsory for each student of the school. Not only Dental & Eye Check-up but the whole body check-up including blood test, urine test, heart & liver check-up and mineral deficiency with skin disease, if any, are diagnosed during the medical checkup.

In the month of November 2018, Dr. Amit Chhajed, MDS, Dentist, visited VJV Campus for dental check-up and a team of eminent ophthalmologist from Mahaveer Intercontinental Service Organisation Raipur visited for Eye-check-up of the students. Dr. D. C. Jain, Gastro-specialist of Bhilai-Raipur Zone with his team of 6 Doctors visited for whole body check-up of all the students of Kumhari Campus. A medical file for each student has been prepared having the medical history of the child. All investigation reports of the child are filed up and also sent by Whatsapp to the Parents for their persual.

A 24×7 in-house Doctor and Nurse are always available in the service of the children. We have a medical room in the school and another in each hostel.

Music & Dance

Vocal & Instrumental Music training is given to the children during school hours. Almost all string and air musical instruments are available in the music room of the school. A full-time Music teacher (Vocal) and another full-time Music teacher (Tabla Vadak) coach the students.

A set of Drums of different sizes, set of Guitars, Flute, Harmonium, Synthesizer, Tabla etc. are being practiced by the children.

A dance room carpeted wall-to-wall with 20×6 feet Mirrors fitted on Back wall is used for practicing & training Dance movements, both Classical & Western to the children for which a full-time Dance Teacher having Post-Graduate Degree in Dance from Khairagarh University has been employed.

Fine Arts

Drawing, Painting & Craft-Making are the few arts that are taught during the Fine-arts slot. A full-time Art & Crafts teacher has been appointed for the same. Children bring out their imaginations and thoughts on papers through this activity. A 550 sq. ft. Fine arts Laboratory has been constructed for this purpose provided with drawing sheets, water colors, crayons, colour pencils and all other materials required for the purpose. The waste material is used for making craft-art.


UCMAS abacus training from level 1 to level 8 is being imported to the student who wishes to opt for it. Trained faculties & latest instruments are provided by the authentic representative of Abacus. Related books are also provided to child.

Evening activities

After school hours, all boarders get high-tea, take rest and assemble in the school building for different activities. They have to choose to co-curricular activities and two sport activities.
Karate, indoor games, basket ball, kho-kho, kabaddi, cricket, football, volley ball are the few examples.

Evening Remedial Classes

To enrage the academic development of child, VJV conducts evening tutorial classes engaged by experienced faculty.
Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies are given special importance. The students complete their homework under the supervision and guidance of the same faculty members, after which they go for self-studies.

Moral Value Classes

Before evening tutorial classes, a 40 minutes slot is taken by P. P. Gurudev for empowering the moral & ethical values in the child. Children are very much motivated with this class enhancing their spiritual power.


Apart from Yoga & Dhyan in the morning session, the children are encouraged for a meditation period of 5-7 minutes before retiring to bed.

Recreation & Entertainment

Motivating, inspiring and patriotic movies are shown to all boarders on Sunday evening. On few Sundays, they are taken for local outings. On the last day of the month, all children gather in the mess hall for birthday celebration followed by entertaining programs


Jain bhajan recital classes are additionally conducted in the school during the evening activities. Our expert Jain Religious faculty is looking after this activity.

Counselling sessions

Experts from outside are called to deliver lectures & PowerPoint presentations on Life Skills, Life Management, And Clinical Psychology, Stress free Living and Hygiene. Every Sunday, a slot of 60-90 minutes is given for this activity.