A child who excels in Science may not do the same in Maths – The VJV KIDS recognizes this and keeps students motivated with its revolutionary academic and activity plan

We love that in Raipur there are so many great options when it comes to schools for kids. So, we get pretty excited when we start a new school that’s thrown open its doors to make the options even broader. The VJV KIDS, school is not your run-of-the-mill kind of school though. It has a knowledgeable and activity base curriculum tailored to address every individual child’s strength and weaknesses. Plus, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1for playgroup and 15:1 for nursery to This school is all about encouraging a love for learning in little ones in an engaging environment.


How it all began…

The VJV KIDS is A DIVINE PROJECT OF EDUCATION with the BLESSINGS of PARAM PUJAYA MAHENDRAS SAGAR JI MA.SA.and PARAM PUJAYA MANISH SAGAR JI MA.SA. They want to set off on a quest to find an environment that embraced the intellectual and academic needs of smart and highly-motivated students, while still providing a sound backbone for their emotional,Spritual,creative and social needs. This became The VJV KIDS, School’s vision, and this dream became a reality when the doors opened in March 2018.

The school believes that:

  • Instilling a love of learning in children through education is key.
  • Passions and interests should always be encouraged.
  • Every child is individual, and therefore should have their own personalized education plan based on unique aptitudes and abilities.
  • Students should have a voice when it comes to how they should be educated.
  • All learning experiences should be as authentic and rich in content as possible.

What makes The VJV KIDS, School different?

Do you have a child who sometimes feels like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole due to their academic abilities? Then The VJV KIDS, SCHOOL could very well be the schooling answer you’ve been looking for.

Children here are taught according to their individual Personal Development Plan, which means that if you have clever clogs that is excelling in maths, but not finding art such an easy ride, they could well end up in different grades for different subjects.

At VJV KIDS, children are providing with the kind of experience which will help them attain optimum development not only their in creative expression through play, but in self control, self discipline and cooperation with others.

Another advantage – student numbers are kept low, so that children benefit from a pupil-to-teacher ratio of 8:1for playgroup and 15:1 for nursery to U.Kg. Which means there’s no hiding at the back of the classroom, kiddos?

The intimate learning environment also ensures every child benefits from rich learning experiences. These include transdisciplinary teaching methods, cool personal projects, exciting field trips and a regular jainology classes for their spiritual development to. All in a caring, nonjudgmental environment.

How a personalized education benefit your child

Students traditionally spend much of their school life following instructions, yet the modern world demands adults to be creative, communicative and comfortable sharing ideas.

The VJV KIDS, SCHOOL provides an environment that allows all of its students to develop their critical thinking and communication skills, and believes every child’s passions and interests should be encouraged through our monthly co curriculum activity, special days celebrations and color day celebrations.

By creating an individual plan for each pupil, and allowing every child to learn at their own pace in different subjects, it ensures that nobody gets left behind, nobody is overlooked, and nobody feels like they do not have a voice.

Our advice? If you think this could very well be the type of school you have previously only wished for, then take a tour and speak with the friendly staff at VJV KIDS, School. It’s a school that understands that there’s never a one-size-fits-all kind of education.