Hostel Buildings

VJV campus has hostel buildings separate for boys and girls, ensuring to provide the children with a stress-free hygienic atmosphere. The rooms are big in size. Except for rooms which serve as a dormitory, all other rooms are four and three occupant rooms. Rooms of girls’ hostel have attached toilets while boys’ hostel building has common toilets with a set of 5 baths, 4 lavatories, 8 wash-basins and 16 Lockers for each set of four rooms (16 occupants).

Boys Hostel

  1. Room Size: 20’ X 11’
  2. Room Capacity: 4 Occupants Each Room
  3. Furniture: 4 Beds With Mattress, 4 Single Door Almirahs, 4 Reading Tables And 4 Chairs In Each Room. The Beds Have Sliding Drawers.
  4. Total No. Of Rooms For Children: 32 (Each Accommodates 4 Occupants) + 4 Dormitories Of 10 Occupants Each
  5. Building Area: Three Storied, 60000 Sq. Ft. Built Up Area
  6. Recreation Room: 2 (One Each On 1st And 2nd Floor) With Chairs, TV And Gym
  7. Total Available Accommodation Capacity: 168 Children Of Boys’ Hostel At Present
  8. Total Available Capacity Of Boys’ Hostel In Future: 188
  9. Other Facilities In Boys Hostel: – The Boys’ Hostel Has Provisions For Medical Room, Store Room, Laundry Room, Tuck Shoppee, Reception Lobby, Hostel Office, Principal’s Residence, Chief Warden’s Accommodation, Four Warden (Caretaker) Rooms And Two Very Wide Halls On The Fourth Floor.
  10. Quality Of The Building: – The Boys’ Hostel Is An Elegant Building With High-Quality Flooring. Furniture And Fixtures Are Highly Ranked. Sanitary And Electrical Fittings Are Superb.
  11. Name Of The Building: – The Boys’ Hostel Building Is Named After The Eminent Jain Monk Shri Arya Rakshit Acharya Who Had Been A Scholar Of Jain Philosophy.
  12. Dormitories: – Boys’ Hostel Has 4 Dormitories With 5 Twin Beds In Each Room.

Girls Hostel

  1. Room Size: 20’ X 11’
  2. Room Capacity: 3 Occupants Each Room
  3. Furniture: 3 Beds With Mattress, 3 Single Door Almirahs, 3 Reading Tables And 3 Chairs In Each Room. The Beds Have Sliding Drawers. The Girls Of 4th And 5th Grade Have 4 Occupancy With Two Twin Beds In Each Room.
  4. Total No. Of Room For Children: 28
  5. Building Area: Four Storied, Total 40000 Sq. Ft. Built Up Area.
  6. Recreation Room: 2 (One Each On 2nd And 3rd Floor) With TV Fitted In One Room.
  7. Total Available Accommodation Of Girls Hostel At Present: 91 Children
  8. Total Available Capacity In Future: 98
  9. *Another Hostel With Capacity 150 Is Under Construction.
  10. Other Facilities In The Girls’ Hostel: The Girls’ Hostel Has An Office, A Girls Special Room, A Storeroom, Four Warden (Caretakers) Room And An Operating Elevator.
  11. Quality Of Building: Girls Hostel Is Another Elegant Structure Of The VJV Campus. It Has High-Quality Flooring, Furniture And Fixtures. All Rooms Have Attached Toilets. Sanitary And Electrical Fittings Are Superb.

A new building for girls’ hostel of capacity 200 is under construction & will be ready by next session.

Mess and Kitchen

A huge mess of 5000 sq. ft. area for both boys and girls and for hostellers and day-boarders with an attached hygienic kitchen equipped with the latest cooking techniques is yet another landmark of VJV Campus. It has provisions for a washing area separated altogether from the dining hall, filtered RO water supply, eight wash basins and several shoe-racks so as to allow the children not to be crowded at one place and enjoy their meals properly.

  1. Capacity: 300 Students At A Time.
  2. Furniture: 55 Table And Benches.
  3. Service Counters: 4 To 10 As And When Required.
  4. Service Utensils: High-Quality Stainless Steel.
  5. Dining Utensils: High-Quality Stainless Steel.
  6. Serving: 6 Servings A Day I.E. Morning Milk, Morning Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon High Tea, Dinner And Late Evening Milk. Boiled Room-Temp. Water And RO Water Is Supplied Throughout The Day


VJV campus has big playgrounds surrounded with trees, plants and lawns. Following are the various games played by the students of VJV.

  1. Cricket: At the outside ground in front of the auditorium.
  2. Football: At the outside ground in front of the school building.
  3. Volleyball: Two grounds by the side of the block no. 1 and 2 of the school building.
  4. Basketball: At the outside ground in front of the entrance of the School Building.
  5. Badminton: At the inside ground of the school building.
  6. Athletics: Outside ground by the side of the school building.
  7. Table Tennis, Carom and Chess: At the indoor games hall and the boys’ hostel recreation hall.
  8. Gymnasium: At the recreation Hall of the boys’ hostel.
  9. Skating: At the open lobby of the school building.
  10. Yoga, PT & Exercise: Inside the auditorium.
  11. Kho Kho & Kabaddi: At the proposed ground near to volleyball ground.

Dharmik (Religious)

Under the holy patronage and kind direction of P.P. Adhyatmayogi Muni Shri Mahendra Sagar Ji M.S. and Yuva Manishi Swadhyay Premi P.P. Shri Manish Sagarji M.S., the school children together with some of the staff members are performing morning Pooja, Chaityavandan and weekly Pratikraman. A separate hour for moral and human values of life and another separate slot for Jainology classes are being conducted by P.P. Maharaj Sahab and other Sadhak.

Both day-boarders and hostellers participate in morning dharmik activities and Jainology classes. The moral values classes and the weekly Pratikraman are attended by the hostellers only.

In a short span of time, the VJV children have learnt a lot about Jain Dharm, Darshan and right conduct. They recite Sutra and Stotra without any assistance. The moral values are gradually arousing in their soft hearts.