Spread in 14 acre piece of land with lush greenery, the VJV School Campus is one of the finest places to study. The closely located Jain Teerth Kaivalyadham of about 40 acre spread with its huge temple and guest house, the calm and peaceful environment around the territory, the beautiful residential townships in the vicinity and the presence of a holy temple inside, are the other aspects that make the VJV Kumhari Campus a nicest schooling and boarding destination.

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The most vital but confusing part of a parents life is when he chooses an educational institute for his ward, in the quest of building a bright career, especially for a school-going child. This task becomes even more difficult when he looks around and concludes that the scenario for his child in today’s time of cut-throat competition has gone much challenging. Lack of expert guidance and insufficient information confuses the parents and they end up with dismay, taking the wrong decision and choosing a school or a career that does not suit to the personality and taste of the child. Now here is a solution! A solution, that not only guides the parent to go to a right place for the schooling of the children but also guides the children to follow the right path and the right track for making their life perfect. The solution is the two-fold schooling; Part one is the schooling for building a job-oriented bright career in life with the help of latest technology, and Part two is the schooling for implanting moral and ethical values in the child so as to make him socially, emotionally and spiritually strong. One such centre of two-fold schooling is located near Raipur on the Raipur Bhilai state highway of Chhattisgarh state. With the auspicious and pious name of VICHAKSHAN JAIN VIDYAPEETH, this is the only centre of North-East India where education is not just a means of feeding information in the child’s fragile memory, but a source of cultivating the human values in the child and decorating his interior self which is the real theme of the education. VICHAKSHAN JAIN VIDYAPEETH is a real and right place for the schooling of your beloved child. Here, the career of the child not only becomes bright but lighted! I welcome you to the premises of VJV and assure to deliver the best to the child. Take the correct decision right now! Not just the child, but even his future is in your hand. Good luck!

Dr. V. K. Nahar

Director Academics

What Make Us Spcecial?


Who we are

At Vichakshan Jain Vidyapeeth, we are not just educators; we are mentors, guiding each student on a transformative journey. Our dedicated team comprises passionate teachers and staff committed to providing a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence and character development. We are a community that values inclusivity, respect, and a holistic approach to education.

Who we do

Vichakshan Jain Vidyapeeth goes beyond textbooks. We strive to cultivate well-rounded individuals by integrating academics with a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities. From innovative teaching methods to a diverse range of sports and cultural programs, we ensure that every student discovers and hones their unique talents. Our commitment is not just to impart knowledge but to inspire a lifelong love for learning.

How it work

The magic of Vichakshan Jain Vidyapeeth lies in our collaborative and interactive approach to education. We create an engaging learning environment where students actively participate in their educational journey. Our curriculum is designed to be dynamic, incorporating modern teaching techniques and technology. Regular interactions between teachers, students, and parents form the backbone of our educational ecosystem, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility.