Our Motivation

The School Building

The only of its kind in North-East Zone of India, the VJV School building is an Octagonal 72000 sq. ft. three-storied building with 84 rooms,11 laboratories, 2 elevators, wide reception lobby and huge assembly-cum-gathering space of 22000 sq. ft. area. Among the laboratories are Junior Computer Lab, Senior Computer Lab, Composite Science Lab, Physics-Chem-Bio Separate Labs, Maths Lab & Language Lab.


Activity Halls

Among the activities halls, the building has a Dance room, Music room with western and classical musical instruments, Fine-Arts room and a well-equipped library of 2000 sq. ft. area. The Seminar Hall and Conference Room are the other attractive parts of the building.


Indoor Games Hall

The building also has an Indoor Games Hall of 2200 sq. ft. area. All the eight blocks of the building are designed so as to provide full proof security, safety and an eye-watch to the children. The entire building is under the coverage of CCTV camera and the teachers’ patrol.