Computer Lab

Seating Capacity: 32
  • No. Of Nodes 32 (Table-Top Computer System)
  • Furniture : Computer Table With Revolving Cushioned Stools
  • Equipped With : Smart Board With Hanging Short Throw Projector
Seating Capacity: 64
  • No. Of Nodes : 64 (Table-Top Computer System)
  • Furniture :  Computer Table With Revolving Chairs
  • Equipped With : Smart Board
  • Type : Centrally Managed
*Under Fabrication  

Science and Maths Lab

  • Capacity : 32
  • Furniture : Granite Platforms With Shelves For Chemistry & Biology Experiments And Wooden Laboratory Tables For Physics Practicals.
  • Equipped With: Smart Board
  • Equipment's : All Necessary Equipment & Instruments As Required By C.G. State And CBSE Syllabus
As per latest aid for teaching mathematics to primary, middle and higher classes, the VJV School has a computerized Math Lab equipped with kits and different shaped colored tables to enable children to understand the concepts of mathematics through play-&-learn method.
  • Capacity : 32
  • No. Of Nodes : 8
  • Tables : Oval, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal & Circular Shaped.
  • Kits & Tools : Eco-Friendly Material.

Activity Halls

The DANCE HALL has wall-to-wall soft linoleum flooring where children have least chance of getting hurt or fall down during dance practices. The front wall has 20’x6’ polished mirror so as to enable children to watch their dance moves. Dance teachers are present to coach the Children.
MUSIC ROOM, a room of classical and western blend is equipped with musical instruments like Synthesizer, Harmonium, Flute, Guitar, various Drums of different sizes, Tabla, and others. It has wall to wall coverage of carpeting.
The FINE-ARTS HALL of the school has granite platforms provided with aisles to place the paper sheets and materials, and four 6’x4’ chaukis where 24 students can sit willingly for making craft-work or doing art-work.


The library of the school, at present, is a hall of area 2200 square ft. equipped with books for the children of Nursery to Higher classes. it has three Computer Systems for surfing purpose. 
  • Seating Capacity : 64
  • Seating Arrangement  : Tables In Vertical Rows Near The Windows; Each Provided With 8 Chairs, Four On Each Side.
  • Library System : ERP And Manual Accession. The Books Are Tagged With A Number System That Allows The Child To Locate The Place Of The Book Quite Easily.
  • Furniture : 5’ High Shelves With Glass Shutters And Lockers,Magazine Stands, Paper Stands, Reading Tables & Chairs, Computer Furniture, Card Drawer And Librarian Table.

Multipurpose Halls

A Wall-to-Wall carpeted hall with provisions for acoustics and provided with a wide stage is located on the ground floor of 6thblock. Seminars & Workshops both for teachers and students are held here.
  • Capacity : 150 For Audience ,06 For Speakers On Stage.
  • Furniture : 150 Cushion Chairs With Writing Pad Fixed.
  • Address : Home Theater Type System  With High Watt 4 Speakers. Microphones,Cordless And Stand.
Located on the ground floor of 2nd block, next to the exam room, is a conference hall for holding any type of trust meeting, staff meeting, visitor meeting or any event of such nature. It is equipped with a projector for giving any type of presentation and has a capacity for the seating of 20 to 30 members.
A huge auditorium of around 700 seating capacity is built in the campus near the temple, 100 yards off the school building.It has a big stage, an addressing system and a K-Yan projector for any type of presentation. The upper floor of the auditorium has four rooms to allow the Scholar visitors to stay and relax.
A 2200 sq. ft. indoor games hall having facilities for Table-Tennis, Carom boards, Chess boards, Gym and other such indoor games is located on the first floor of the school building.

Administrative Wing

A wide reception hall takes care of relax and peace of the visitors. It is equipped with cushioned sofa where the esteemed visitors can relax and sit. It has a 60 inch high density TV to watch. While waiting, visitors can read the newspapers or refresh themselves with tea & water provided at the corner of the lobby. The polite receptionist is always in the service of the visitors to help and to answer queries, if any. Besides the huge reception lobby, we have an Admin room, Principal room, Trustees Chamber, An exam room, Sports Room, Staff room and a Girls Common room on the ground floor of the School building. Separate girls & boys washrooms are provided in block 8 and block 4 near the staircase and elevator, Facilities for R.O. filtered drinking water is also available in the same blocks.
Peerless class rooms; each provided with smart board and a short-throw projector are the pride of VJV School. The rooms also have a green board to work with Chalk stick as and when required. Each class room has 32 lockers, one for each student, so as to allow the student to load off the heavy bag of his shoulder. Each class room has a capacity of maximum 32 children. Rooms are also provided with display boards where the students can display their performances.
  • Seating Capacity : 32
  • Seating arrangement : 2 children per bench
  • Furniture : Student desk with bench. Both high-quality wooden.
  • The desk has an aisel to keep books and bag. Bench-desk are coloured for Grade 1 - 3 and normal for all other classes. Each room has one almirah for placing books and teaching aids.
  • System : Computer system with wireless input devices.
Get well room is located on the ground floor just behind the stage of the Assembly ground. It is equipped with a doctor’s table, a patient stretcher table, two beds with mattress, one small refrigerator, a sterilization unit, a dressing unit and all primary medicines - injectable and oral. The school takes the services of an in-service Consulting Physician and a 24x7 nursing staff available during school hours in the medical room and other hours in the hostel dispensary.