Environment Education

Environment Education

This year ,on 6th July2020 tree palntation was done.Various fruit bearing trees were planted like munga,guava,lemon ,orange ,mango etc by the staff of the school.

"In our school, there is no waste". Since any waste produced in our school is utilised by the school in one or the other forms. Our school always believes in the conservation of resources due to which all the biodegradable wastes of our school is dumped in to “Compost pit” and prepare manure for our organic farm. Using this organic manure, our students grow organic vegetables in the school under the guidance of science teacher and learn how to cultivate different crops throughout different seasons without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. By these activities and practise our students understand the lesson well and the practicality of the organic farming. Our students generally grow cabbage, coriander, chilli, fenugreek, cumin, bottle gourd, sponge gourd, flat beans etc. For crop protection we adopt biological, mechanical and chemical free pesticides. Chemical free pesticides are made by "Neem extract". Our students enjoy these activity and we are able to inculcate nature love and correlate with their practical and theoretical knowledge.

Rain water harvesting is a type of harvest in which the rain drops are collected and stored for the future use, rather than allowing it to run off. Rain water can be collected from rivers or roofs and directed to a deep pit, aquifer, a reservoir with percolation, or collected from dew or fog with nets or other tools. Our school also has water harvesting system. The catchment area is in the center of the school, where water from all parts of the school is collected through the drainage system and pipe lines. Schools roof is provided with the pipelines fittings to collect the rainwater and then channelize towards the catchment area. After the collection of water it is directed towards the soakage pit of the school which helps to recharge the water table and keep our schools water level high throughout the year. Due to which we do not face water scarcity.

Waste Management in our school is done on the basis of the type of the waste produced by the school. Dry waste includes polythene, glass, metallic and other biodegradable wastes. We dispose the dry garbage to the municipality of our locality. Wet garbage includes vegetables waste, wastes from kitchen and mess. While decomposable, wet garbage is disposed in to the compost pit where it gets decomposed after 45 days. We use this fertile manure for our garden and organic farm where we grow our organic vegetables. The remaining food left in the mess is distributed to poor and needy ones where, lunch is provided to the needy people nearby through our "Food distribution centers". The stationary waste is reused in the art's class for teaching the students how to utilize the resource in a proper way and convert them into usable form. Our students also utilize the left out pages of their old copies for their rough work and other practice work while studying. From these activities our students learn to make, "Best out of waste".

Our school uses all the electronic wastes to make something new out of it. Our students make working models of different subjects like science, social science, mathematics etc by using electronic waste.And then other waste which could not be reused is given to the kabadiwalas for recycling the electronic waste and turns it in to a new product which world save our environment from misuse of the resource.

Sports Achievement

V.J.V. is always punctual in conducting various sports events at regular intervals. This not only improves the physical activities of children but also helps in their all round development. By taking part in various sports activities children prove their caliber. Many of the students have proved themselves by bringing laurels to the institution under the proper guidance of the sports teachers and mentors of V.J.V.
List of the Achievers are:

Sports Achievements

Meeti Baradiya, VIII A (Bronze Medal)
i. Milli Ranka (IX C, Gold Medal) ii. Molly Lunawat (IX C, Gold Medal) iii. Megha Baid (VII A, Silver Medal) iv. Tanushree Parakh (IX C, Bronze Medal)
i. Nitya Jain, VI A ii. Rakshita Jain, IX C iii. Charu Jain, VII A iv. Disha Jain, VII A v. Bhavi Chauradiya, VII A vi. Ridhima Bothra, VII A

Co-Curricular Achievements

Co-Curricular Achivements



VJV is always ready to welcome changes in the field of Education. Now it’s Augmentative Reality (AR). VJV is the only school in the central India to implement AR in the online classes. It is very effective in teaching science subjects. No constrains for language as well as social science. The use of AR in education is an important topic of research. The use of AR has become more accessible as it no longer requires specialised equipment and may easily be used on mobile devices. The use of AR may increase students learning efficiency and contribute towards better academics with new prospects. Students are exposed to live environment and also create interest in learning. Thus learning objectives can be attained easily. Children are very adaptive to changes and have got accustomed to this new learning method which is also asked by CBSE to implement in all subjects.

Overall Results


Results – 2019-20

Results – 2018-19

PTA Activities


PTA Activities

Parent teacher meeting is a prominent and notable feature of the school curriculum. The motive is close interaction of parents with teachers with regard to the progress shown by their wards and finding workable solutions to the problems coming in the way of development of their ward. It is mandatory for all parents to attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting. In case of an extreme situation where the parent cannot attend, written intimation should be provided. If the child is not making the desired progress, parents are welcome to contact the Principal, Vice Principal, Headmistress, Class Teacher or the concerned Subject Teacher so as to discuss remedial measures that can be taken. Such meetings, however, will be arranged on appointments made through the office of the Principal and on no account should parents contact the teachers in their classrooms directly. Note : Under no circumstance should parents criticize any teacher in the presence of his/her ward for it adversely affects the overall development of a child to a considerable extent and impedes his/her learning process. The child might develop a critical attitude, get de-motivated and might not accord due respect to elders.
• Parents should ensure that their wards carry the school diary everyday to school. • The particulars of their ward in the first two pages should be filled in all respects as soon as the Diary is bought. • Parents should see to it that their ward completes the daily assignment. They should also read and sign if any note is sent by the class teacher or the subject teacher. Parents can also communicate with the teacher through the diary. Special pages for the above purpose are provided to be made use of as and when required. • Parents should ensure that their ward brings the books/note books as per the schedule every day.
V.J.V. conducts an Orientation Programme on the 1st April, for the parents of children newly admitted to the school from classes I to IX. The beginning of the academic session is the time for the parents to think of their children’s’ new classes, syllabus, text books, evaluation pattern, roles and responsibilities of the children and parents and many other related matters. To provide appropriate guidelines to the parents and to familiarize them with the school’s principles, philosophy and kind of education imparted, V.J.V. hosts the Orientation Programme. The Orientation Programme is organized to apprise them of the policy of the school and also equip them with a firsthand knowledge of the proposed yearly schedule. The session facilitates the introduction of school functionaries to the parents and is also useful in answering various other queries that the parent may have. Attendance at the Orientation Programme is mandatory.

SMC Decisions

  1. Teachers' appointments were confirmed by SMC.
  2. Looking to the application of classes XI & XII from 2021, New recruitments for PGT & Other staff were approved.
  3. Budget for the year 2020-21 and 2021-22.